Greenpeace – System Change video series

As a motion graphics artist working on climate change, I’d always wanted to work with Greenpeace, so when they contacted me to visualise the ideas of four key speakers on system change, I jumped at the chance.

It was a challenging project, as the tight deadline meant I needed to produce four 4-5 minute videos in a month and a half, a pace I’d never tried before. I was really happy with the results, pushing myself to try new visuals.

This was also a more radical side of Greenpeace, with the activists voicing ideas that don’t often get a wider audience.

Guppi Bola – Decolonising economics

Chihiro Geuzebroek – Climate care work

Tatiana Garavito – Democratic ownership

Samie Blasingamie – Stewarding nature

Time per video: 12 long days (not including script work)

Software: After Effects