Wondering how all this works? You should find most of the answers here – What I’ll need from you, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Timeline for making a video.

What I’ll need from you

I’ll ask you a few questions about your needs and preferences before we get started. Please note that most of these are optional – I’ve worked with clients who know exactly what they want to see onscreen, and others who simply say ‘make us a video about [X]’ – either way, I’ll make sure you’re happy with the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

This depends on a lot of things – mostly the length and the complexity of the style. I’ll normally ask you for a range of budget and then give you some options based on this.

How long does it take to make a video?

Motion graphics takes time – there’s no magic ‘make me an animation about [X]’ button, despite all the advances in AI (even those AI trailers you might have seen take serious work to produce). To give you an idea, an average is that a minute of animation takes a week to 10 days, though this (hopefully) doesn’t include planning, scripting etc. If you come to me with a last minute project, I’ll always be able to produce something, but the more time I have, the better our animation will be.

What will you deliver?

Unless otherwise stated, at the end of the project I’ll send you:

How do you send the files?

I use a secure online storage cloud service called Mega to deliver files (like Dropbox, but with stronger encryption), which will give you a folder that can be accessed by as many people as you choose.

Do you use AI tools to make videos?

Not currently, no. At the time of writing (May 2023), I’ve managed to avoid them as creating visuals is enjoyable part of the process for me. There may come a time when I need to use some, but I’m holding out for now.

What’s the timeline for making a video?

Below are the usual steps for making a video – note that most of these will usually require feedback from you / your team, so on rush jobs it’s necessary to have a quick feedback cycle.

If you’ve any other questions, feel free to get in touch.