Greenpeace – Fossil Free Revolution video series

Greenpeace approached me to animate a series of videos for their campaign on banning fossil fuel sponsorship, and I got to work with four wonderful activists / groups to spread their messages far and wide.

I worked closely with the Greenpeace team to build on the aesthetic of our first collaboration while also including the colours, fonts and visual ideas of their campaign. This was the first time I experimented with blending 2D and 3D, and I hope my visuals did justice to the activists’ ideas.

The videos:

Teresa Borasino – fossil sponsorship is colonialism in disguise.

Talissa Soto – how we can turn the wheels of progress with people power.

Mattina Hiwaizi and BP or not BP? – cultural sponsorship distracts us from the dirty truth of fossil companies.

Noelie Audi-Dor – why fossil fuel adverts are so (lethally) misleading.